Lion Dance


The Chien Hong Liondance Troop is based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been serving that area since the Chien Hong School of Kung Fu’s opening in 1995. Our troop is theĀ oldest continuously performing Lion Dance team in the area.


We have lions of various colors to suit your taste, plus percussion and happy buddha to accompany the demonstration.The Chien Hong Liondance Troop is available to perform traditional Chinese lion and dragon dance at private parties, festivals, parades, housewarming, restaurants, weddings, special occasions, and celebrations.


Please confirm your reservation in advance for dates surrounding Chinese New Year, as this is our busiest time.

Chien Hong School Wu Guan’s Chinese martial arts performing group is formed by a group of expert martial artists and is the only martial arts team that emphasizes on stage performances. The members include national and regional competitors and award winners in various martial arts contests in America and Taiwan R.O.C. we are also the oldest performing group in the metro Atlanta area with over 14 years of performances for the Chinese community and open public. This exciting and enthusiastic team endeavors to transform the traditional Chinese martial arts into a highly energetic “stage performing art” for your event.

Chien Hong Wu Guan wishes to spread the healthy and artistic image of martial arts and Chinese culture to our society with its expertise in the teaching and performing of martial arts, as well as coordinating related activities, such as, lion and dragon dance.

The members hope to introduce the unique artistic element of martial arts through the form of performance.

We hope that you will find a new understanding and appreciation of our art through the dynamic and splendid performance that we design especially for you. The value of martial arts should not be limited only to improving your health and protecting your safety. It is not only a comprehensive system of exercise, it’s also a unique performing art representing Chinese traditions. This is why Chien Hong Wu Guan’s martial arts performing group was formed.

Please let Chien Hong Wu Guan’s Chinese martial arts performing group take you into the spectacular world of Chinese martial arts and culture.